This free event is a SHEEPHA GROUP‘s healing activity, so you can invite all your friends and loved ones.


Dear Friends,

Every Monday we meet at 23:00 with Turkish time. Every week, we will work with Healing Energies listed below which we think need a lot at Horizon-Reiki Traditional Monday Healing Night event.

Everyone should only write the name of healing energy which they wants to get this week, in the events page, also intention accordingly by that healing energy, every week will have taken a different healing energy.

You can use the healing energy every day during that week, which has sending to you on Monday night at 23.00, till next Monday healing night. Just you need to do that, at appropriate times, complete your preparations and re-intention as well as in group sessions. Again, similarly the healing energy will begin to flow and the flow will be cut off after completed the day as you needs.

We wish to be the highest good to each of you that Healing Energy Transfer.

Dear Friends,

To participate in the study, its enough that to be in the ‘Departures’ list, on the Facebook event page. If you joined once, you do not need to join again because we update event page every week.

(To get the best results, we higly recommend that you attend regularly-without disrupting every week to Healing Transfer.)


In the Healing sessions which we make every Monday night, you get the Healing Energy Transfer for the whole week.

On Monday, we are doing together the first session of the week, but the other days, you need to be strive, allow time, as seriously taking at least Monday group sessions and after complete your preparations, you need to choice a suitable place where you can not bother, and start your session by the same intention that you make on Monday session, and again in the same way wait 20-25 minutes or you need to continue until you feel disconnected flow the energy.


Before each energy session, we strongly recommend that, 10-15 min. Step on the soil or take a shower with warm water for grounding.

If you do not have that possibilities, at least we recommend that you wash your hands, feet and neck with cool water.

A few hours before the beginning of Healing session, We advise you to stay away as much as possible of the factors that reduce the energy flow, like difficult to digest heavy foods, animal food, alcohol and smoking.

Find a quiet place that you may not distrub, release all metal stuff from your body or around your body, sitting or lying down, in a position which the spine is straight-linear and the most comfortable for you, close your eyes, trying to empty our minds with taking a few deep breaths, relax and we start by the intention.

An Example Intent Text:

I accept with love ….(the name of the healing energy) Healing Energy which sending by Hasan Makam, wish to be my highest good.’

(or with the intention of passing through the heart yourself and you can add your blessing for all)

Our Healing Session takes approximately 25 min., but you can feel it longer. When you want, you can give your attention to physical place and gently open your eyes.

According to the person or the differences of the feeling by that moment of the energy flowing is not a positive or negative indicator for attunement and healing.

Everyone get the energy, physical, mental and spiritual healing who mutual intent and accept the energy.

Just Relax, Intent and Enjoy the sweet peace of energy’

Being your highest good and wishing highest good for all, Stay with love !

With love and prayers..

Hasan Makam

Preperations for long distance Healing Session

Long distance attunement or healing sessions will take place on designated day and time, if you unexpectedly can not attend do not worry. Let get healing or attune energy at any your free time.

Before and when receiving the Healing:

  • You should be on your own in an undisturbed enviroment where you can feel totally relaxed. (Turn off all electronic devices eg. cell phones.)

  • Find a comfortable position during the Healing Session. Sit in a chair or lay down.

  • When sitting put your hands together, palm against palm, and in the centre of your chest next to your heart. See picture below.

  • When lying down stretch out you body on your back like sleeping position. The palm of your hand is facing up. See picture below.



  • Relax and breathe deeply and slowly several times to empty you mind from thoughts.

  • Imagine yourself grounded and connected to the world. For example; your body is extending from the energy of the world and goes back deep into your imagination.

  • The high energies of the universe will form a white light over you head (the crown chakra) and from there to your heart until your body goes back to the imaginary picture. All you think about is to protect the white light.

  • When you are ready to hoarmonize with the attunement think or say out loud ‘ I wish to do the Attunement for …………………. through Hasan Makam and I accept all with love and open heart.’ The attunement will then start by itself.

  • During the attunement keep your eyes closed stay relaxed and comfortable and enjoy the experience

What you may feel during the healing session:

  • If you do not feel anything do not worry, this sometime happens. The energy will come and you can start sensing it, it only takes a little more time for some people.

  • Difference in temperature.

  • Cold or hot, like you can feel an air current.

  • Tingeling sensations may occur in various parts of your body.

  • Intense feelings in blocked areas in your body.

  • While your eyes are closed you can see a variety of colors.

  • You can feel an sensation of your own presence.

  • Overwhelming love and joy.

Healing Sessions usually takes between 25-30 minutes. It is different from person to person and the energy will flow for a long time afterwards wich you will feel. Just relax and experience the healing and stay in the moment.

When the healing energy comes to an end you will either feel it end or you might fall asleep and wake up later, which is no problem.

Slowly open your eyes and let you body slowly come back to normal, and remeber that you should drink plenty of water.

If necessary you can also take a shower to loosen up your body and again drink water.

Remember that everyone`s healing session experience is different, some feel nothing and others feel a lot. Your experience will be right for you.

Important Note: If you during any time feel that something is not right for you, or you have some special expectations, and you do not harminize with the attunement I strongly recommend that you stop and find another time and leave your expectations behind you.

With all the love,

Hasan Makam
Multiple Reiki Master & Founder
Reiki 20th. Granmaster
Professional Life Coach